2010 Award Winners

2010 Award Winners

The Asian Human Capital Award honours Asia-based organisations with innovative and impactful people practices. After rigorous assessment, the distinguished judging panel selected Procter & Gamble Asia Pte Ltd and The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore as the two grand winners. Heartiest congratulations also go to the three recipients of the Special Commendation Prize: National Parks Board, Standard Chartered Bank and Wipro Limited. The Award co-sponsors applaud all five organisations for their best-in-class human capital practices!

The Asian Human Capital Award recognises and showcases organisations which have outstanding employee practices, to inspire the rest of Asia. I am pleased with the high quality of the winning entries this year and the variety of programmes to mobilise and motivate those who work in their enterprises. This diversity demonstrates that there are new and varied human capital practices which organisations can develop to address the unique needs of their people. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for success. All the deserving winners displayed a strong grasp of their business fundamentals and looked for creative solutions to fit their specific situation.

S. Dhanabalan, Chairman, Asian Human Capital Award Judging Panel and Chairman,
Temasek Holdings

Ahca Winners
Special Commendation Winner
Winner 2010: Procter & Gamble Asia Pte Ltd.

At P&G, we are delighted to be awarded the Asian Human Capital Award 2010. This recognition is an endorsement of what P&G has believed in for over 170 years - People matter above all else.We captured this commitment for our employees in a robust Employee Value Proposition (EVP) framework that takes a more holistic view of employee needs and aspirations than the traditional focus on compensation and benefits. We built our EVP around pillars like Meaningful Work & Career, Work-Life Effectiveness, Pride in the Company, Healthy Relationship with Manager, among others. These are the things that really matter to people and so they matter to us. And it is an honour that this is being recognised by a forum like the prestigious Asian Human Capital Award. Thank you.

Winner 2010: The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore.

Winning this award for 2010 is very significant and clearly reflects the fact that years of consistent and innovative approach to human capital can flourish in an organisation in the most challenging of times.The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore introduced effective learning and human capital programmes to retain jobs and enhance employees' skills and competencies, which uplifted the morale of its ladies and gentlemen during challenging times.

Special Commendation Winner: National Parks Board

We are honoured to receive this award, as it is a testament of our efforts to train and develop our people. At NParks, we believe in equipping staff with the right skills to do their jobs well. Our comprehensive training framework gives them ample opportunities to build and enhance their capabilities from the day they join us. A unique aspect of our framework is the commitment to upgrade and learn with the landscape industry, as we recognise that how well they do has a significant impact on how far NParks can go. Hence, we have set up a knowledge hub within NParks where our people can exchange ideas with industry players. The strong support from our people and the industry validates our commitment and we share this award with each and every one of them.

Special Commendation Winner: Standard Chartered Bank

Given the demand for talent driven by the growth of our industry, it is more important than ever to focus on our people - training, development and team engagement are measured as robustly as financial performance. With rapid growth across our franchise in Asia and changing customer and employee demographics, we take an innovative and sustainable approach to managing our people in order to have a diverse, talented and engaged workforce to drive the many growth opportunities we have in our markets. Having these efforts recognised and commended by the Asian Human Capital Award is such an honour and we are truly delighted.

Special Commendation Winner: Wipro Limited

We are delighted to have been judged as one of the winners of the Asian Human Capital Award 2010 - Special Commendation Prize. At Wipro, we recognise that rising up to meet ecological challenges like climate change and water stress will need every citizen's committed involvement. Therefore, when we started eco-eye, our programme around ecological sustainability in 2008, it was clear to us that harnessing our employees' keen passion for the green cause was going to make a crucial difference …We see ecological sustainability as one of the key drivers of Wipro's future strategy and actions and the employee chapter programme will continue to play an integral role as a catalyst for bringing about deep rooted behavioural change.

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