2011 Award Winners

2011 Award Winners

The Asian Human Capital Award honours Asia-based organisations with innovative and impactful people practices. After rigorous assessment, the distinguished judging panel selected HCL Technologies and Manila Water as the two overall winners. Heartiest congratulations also go to Unilever Asia as the sole recipient of the Special Commendation Prize. The Award co-sponsors applaud all three organisations for their best-in-class human capital practices!

Ahca Winners
Special Commendation Winner
Winner 2011: HCL Technologies.

It is an honor for HCL Technologies to be awarded the 'Asian Human Capital Award 2011'. Human capital is at the heart of our knowledge economy and platforms like Asian Human Capital Award are playing a critical role in keeping it center stage. HCL Technologies is aligned to this noble cause and continues to work towards creating path breaking employee engagement models like Employees First, Customers Second. I thank the jury for acknowledging these efforts by way of this award.

Winner 2011: Manila Water.

Manila Water's experience of transformation is a unique one. It is a story about how, when providing a supportive environment conducive to productivity and openness while remodeling the system, can pave the way to maximizing people's full potential.By believing in our people's innate talents while complementing this with the proper training, support and rewards, Manila Water was able to transform not only its people but the entire business. It is a partnership and a compact that has become instrumental in improving lives, building communities and contributing to nation building. We are deeply honored for the prestigious distinction the Asian Human Capital Awards has bestowed on us. Thank you for giving us the privilege to share our story with the rest of the world through this rare honor.

Special Commendation Winner: Unilever Asia

Our ambition is to double our business and reduce our environmental impact. This award recognises our efforts to build a sustainable supply of talent for the future. The development of Human Capital in Asia is a critical enabler of our strategy and we are committed to investing in it for the long term.

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