2013 Award Winners

2013 Award Winners

MERALCO and Unilever Thailand have been awarded the prestigious Asian Human Capital Award 2013. The winners of the Asian Human Capital Award 2013 were unveiled at the Singapore Human Capital Summit 2013, held on 11 and 12 September 2013 at the Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Award Winners
Special Commendation Prize Recipients
Our people are the true source of power they have been the key in MERALCO’s unprecedented growth, and our partners in nation building.
Winner 2013: MERALCO for investing in nurturing a culture of innovation and engagement.

At the core of MERALCO’s major achievements for the Philippines and its aspirations for a progressive future are its people.  “One MERALCO: People Powering Up for a Brighter Philippines” is the theme that captures the essence of their integrated people programme on Sustainable Engagement and A Culture of Innovation for MERALCO’s employees. A five-point agenda defines MERALCO’s people programme: employee communication; talent management; performance management; employee relations; and employee volunteerism.

Each MERALCO employee leads and lives by corporate values that are aligned with the company’s vision, namely customer service; performance; accountability & empowerment; integrity & transparency; teamwork & collegiality; “malasakit” or concern for others; and “makabayan” or love for country and countrymen.

THIS INITIATIVE HAS BEEN HUGELY TRANSFORMATIONAL AND HAS HAD A positive impact in every aspect of how we operate.
Winner 2013: Unilever Thailand for the successful redesign and localisation of a global people practice for Thai employees.

Armed with its strong brand portfolio, ability to innovate and commitment to a sustainable business model, Unilever Thailand believes its future success is dependent on strong talent and organisation capabilities. Given its exciting growth ambitions, it seeks to ensure that it has the required future leadership and talent capabilities along with the organisation structure to support its goals.

Unilever's Talent and Organisation Readiness (T&O) Implementation Project was launched in 2010 as a vital enabler to ensure that the company is rightly positioned to achieve its ambitions. The programme is focused on talent, skill, organisation design and structure, and performance culture to support the organisation’s mission to excel in a highly competitive market place. The T&O Project, in conjunction with the 'Zero Fat' and 'My Unilever Legacy' programmes, have contributed to three years of consistently high growth for the company.

Special Commendation Prize Recipient: Reliance Retail

The first business excellence and workforce enablement programme launched at Reliance Retail, WorkSmart is an in-house programme that was conceptualised and developed with the aim of enabling the success of Reliance Retail's store associates. Inclusive, empowering and inspiring - the WorkSmart endeavour has left its imprint on the Reliance Retail operations landscape by bringing about excellence through focus and productivity. WorkSmart has broken down walls and built bridges, creating cross-functional sub-teams powered by a knowledge-driven culture.

Through WorkSmart, Reliance Retail has experienced large productivity increases across new store launch times, improvements in  customer satisfaction and service times and a 30% decrease in their overall attrition rate.

The most important assets we have at Siemens are not the buildings, nor the equipment, but our People.
Special Commendation Prize Recipient: Siemens China

People make things happen and deliver results! Therefore, I personally spend 60-70% of my time on people-related topics. Thanks to the rigorous implementation of People Excellence programme in Siemens NEA, we can ensure that quality and quantity of People resources well meet business demand and embody our corporate culture: Responsible, Excellent and Innovative


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