2015 Award Winners

2015 Award Winners

2015 Award Winners

Dubai Police and The Lemon Tree Hotel Company have been awarded the prestigious Asian Human Capital Award 2015. The winners of the Asian Human Capital Award 2015 were unveiled at the Singapore Human Capital Summit 2015, held on 30 September and 01 October 2015 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

We are proud to receive this award, and of Dubai Police’s achievements in deploying smart services and in applying the latest technology and highest standards of development quality.
Winner 2015: Dubai Police for development and use of innovative virtual learning platforms.

Dubai Police’s in-house development and use of advanced game-based, virtual learning products effectively enhance and support traditional methods for learning and awareness. For example, in the field of crime scene investigators, crime scene investigators who trained using virtual environments performed better in real cases than those who did not by an average of 57.2% (evaluated on 17 tasks on real crime cases). In addition, the performance rating of the group who trained using the Crime Scene Investigation virtual programme increased by 32.8%.

The practice has resulted in cost savings of approx. S$33.1 million over five years. This video game technology has been replicated in many different fields and is shaping up a technological transformation for the methods used in learning and awareness in the police domain and beyond.

Theinclusivity/diversity philosophy of Lemon Tree Hotels is central to our business model and we have built a culture of mainstreaming the disadvantaged. We are happy to have been recognised through the Asian Human Capital Award 2015.
Winner 2015: The Lemon Tree Hotel Company for their inclusivity/diversity practice.

Lemon Tree Hotels (LTH) believes that their brand should stand for more than ‘just profit’ and are driving the brand to become truly Indian and trusted. In order for LTH to make these values a part of their DNA, they have focused our efforts on creating a socially inclusive work environment which seeks to bring in people of different backgrounds, abilities and ethnicities and offer them work as a unified team with a common goal.

Today, 13% of LTH's total staffing is made up of Employees with Disabilities (EWD), this is made possible through optimal placements, where their disability does not come in the way of them performing their job. They can then be employed routinely and on an equal footing with other people.

HCL’s culture aligns our beliefs, intentions, actions and programmes to provide employees the autonomy to shape the nature of the work they do, access to opportunities to build mastery in the skills needed today and tomorrow and contribute with a sense of purpose translating innovation to value for the clients they work with.
Special Commendation Prize Recipient: HCL Technologies Ltd

The experience of IdeapreneurshipTM is reinforced by people practices that engage, enable and empower the workforce to listen, collaborate, ideate and create in a distinctive intrapreneurial environment which delivers a unified experience enabling them to operate where authenticity in dialogue creates trust, transparency and flexibility, where leaders invert the pyramid and see their role as enabler of people and where individuals are empowered to recast their role as the CEO of their performance, learning, reward and careers thus building relationships beyond the contract.

The practice of Ideapreneurship™ is an expression of the culture seen across HCL through interactions with employees and clients which has resulted in thousands of grassroots ideas returning tangible business value to a multitude of HCL clients. In FY15 HCL added $450M of value in the client’s business through such grassroots innovation, which was beyond the contractual ask.


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