2017 Award Winners

2017 Award Winners

2017 Award Winners

Maxis Bhd and CXA Group have been awarded the prestigious Asian Human Capital Award 2017. The winners of the Asian Human Capital Award 2017 were unveiled at the Singapore Human Capital Summit 2017, held on 20-21 September 2017 at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.

We believe that creating a flat, agile and highly responsive organisation has direct impact on our positive business results. Maxis today is well positioned for its next transformation – from an operationally excellent but traditional telco into a dynamic digital company. This is well within reach of the new Maxis – one driven by high ambitions and guided by strong values.
Winner 2017: Maxis Bhd for their 'Maxis People Promise' practice.

Maxis developed solutions that fit their objectives, principles and beliefs on how people and organisations should be managed. They framed these promises from the perspective of Maxis’ employee – not so much on what Maxis would do to (or for) them, but rather on what the company wanted them to see and feel and experience. This became known as the Maxis People Promise.

I KNOW: Employees will always have all the information, systems, processes, and tools to allow them to do their best.

I GROW: Employees will have opportunities to grow and develop in their career.

I ENGAGE: Employees will have a great working environment where people work well together and have fun.

Maxis also introduced the concept of the “Maxis handshake” – around the core idea that employees themselves must take the responsibility to grow their own career and not be a passive bystander expecting the company to grow and develop them.

Our holistic data-driven health management solutions drive reduction in insurance premiums and empower employees to choose their own path to good health. We’re showing that an Asia-built start-up can leapfrog the West to disrupt the employee benefits industry.
Winner 2017: CXA Group for their CXA Academy.

CXA needed talented employees with deep domain expertise in insurance, healthcare and benefits, as well as the right mindset to weather the ups and downs of a fast-growing start-up.

To attract the right talent and to build expertise and competencies, CXA developed the CXA Academy with over 30 different courses. The Academy is an investment in our most valuable asset – our people. Our business leaders curate and design the in-house training curriculum, on topics like Health Management and Flex Benefits in Asia as well as courses on functional and leadership skills.

By speaking frequently at insurtech, healthtech, HR, data and innovation conferences, CXA’s leaders educate the market and serve as role models: both as entreprenuers and as champions of our mission to build a healthier and happier workplace. This attracts more of the very people the firm needs.

Our proud Co-Ownership Plan is a radiant example of HKBN’s unique culture and entrepreneurship. It is our Legal Unfair Competitive Advantage (LUCA) for sustainable outperformance and growth. We’re glad to receive the ‘Special Commendation’ from the Asian Human Capital Award 2017 for this Talent Engagement practice. We hope our successful Co-Ownership Plan will inspire and impact other companies.
Special Commendation Prize Recipient: Hong Kong Broadband Network

HKBN doesn’t have “employees” or “staff”; everyone is referred as “talent”. Believing that talents are essential to the company’s overall success, HKBN is devoted to driving different “talent-first” initiatives to engage and empower their talents. Their co-ownership plan is one of the key engagement practices to motivate talents to strive for business excellence.

Through this unique plan, talents not only work for the company as “staff”, but are also invited to invest their money to become a co-owner of HKBN. With this in mind, HKBN co-owners perform with a true sense of ownership over their work, compelling them to always execute in the best interest of the company.

Today, HKBN is a company proudly run by around 340 co-owners, representing the majority of all supervisory and managerial executives. Together HKBN’s co-owners share a common vision to take the company to new heights.


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