Asian Human Capital Award Winners 2013

Asian Human Capital Award Winners 2013

Sep 24 2013

Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) and Unilever Thailand have emerged winners in the fifth Asian Human Capital Award (AHCA). Chosen from a record 89 submissions from 58 organisations across a diverse range of sectors in Asia, the two companies were recognised for their outstanding people practices, which have driven business performance and success. Reliance Retail and Siemens China were also recognised as Special Commendation Prize Recipients for their innovative practices.


Manila Electric Company

MERALCO is the Philippines' largest distribution utility.  As “One MERALCO”, it operates as a conglomerate, managing diverse business portfolios with electricity distribution at its core. It is part of the Metro Pacific Group of Companies headed by one of Asia’s leading businessman, Manuel V. Pangilinan. As it faces the future, MERALCO aims to make more significant impact on the lives of the Filipino people by actively contributing further to nation building. 


At the core of MERALCO’s major achievements for the Philippines, and its aspirations for a progressive future, are its people. To quote MERALCO Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan: “Our people are the true source of power. They have been the key in MERALCO’s unprecedented growth, and our partners in nation building. They embody our Corporate Values which reflect the best of the past and what it takes to succeed in the future.”


“One MERALCO: People Powering Up for a Brighter Philippines” is the theme that captures the essence of their integrated people programme on sustainable employee engagement and the culture of innovation for MERALCO’s 5,915 employees. A five-point agenda defines MERALCO’s people programme. These are: employee communication; talent management; performance management; employee relations; and employee volunteerism.


Each MERALCO employee leads and lives the corporate values that are aligned with the company’s vision: customer service; performance; accountability & empowerment; integrity & transparency; teamwork & collegiality; “malasakit” or concern for others; and “makabayan” or love for country and countrymen.


MERALCO continues to transform the organisation and its people through a culture of innovation and performance excellence, as it is committed to its vision for a more prosperous and progressive Philippines.



Unilever Thailand

Unilever Thailand is the kingdom’s leading fast moving consumer goods company with strong local roots going back over 100 hundred years. This year, it is celebrating its 80th year anniversary as a locally-registered company in Thailand.


Unilever Thailand’s mission is to double its business while reducing its environmental impact, and at the same time, increasing its positive social impact.


Armed with its strong brand portfolio, ability to innovate and commitment to a sustainable business model, Unilever Thailand believes its future success is dependent on strong talent and organisation capabilities. Given its exciting growth ambitions, it seeks to ensure that it has the required future leadership and talent capabilities along with the organisation structure to support its goals.


A Talent and Organisation Readiness (T&O) Implementation Project was thus launched in 2010 as a vital enabler to ensure that the company is rightly positioned to achieve its ambitions. The programme is focused on talent, skill, organisation design and structure, and performance culture to support the organisation’s mission to excel in a highly competitive market place.


The T&O Project is supported by the ‘Zero Fat’ and the ‘My Unilever Legacy’ programmes.

•          The Zero Fat programme focuses on embedding the sustainability culture (no waste, efficient and effective use of resources) in everything Unilever Thailand does, so that the company may invest in only those things that grow the business in a long-term sustainable manner.

•          The ‘My Unilever Legacy’ programme which aims to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set within the Unilever team by encouraging employees to do ‘something amazing ‘every day and treat it as a personal legacy that they can be proud of.


These two programmes have been integrated into all the key activities of the Company, and combined with the T&O Project, have contributed to three years of consistently high growth for the company.


Special Commendation Prize Recipients
Reliance Retail was recognised for the development and successful implementation of their WorkSmart programme which led to large productivity increases across new store launch times, improvements in customer satisfaction and service times and a 30% decrease in their overall attrition rate.


Siemens China was recognised for its People Excellence programme, developed to address the need for talent, and is an integral part of Siemens NEA’s business growth. It takes a holistic approach, aiming to ensure that the quality and quantity of people resources meet business demands.


Presenting the Awards to the AHCA winners on 12 September 2013, Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Manpower and Health, Dr Amy Khor said, “Throughout these years, the Award has unearthed different people strategies and initiatives employed by local and regional organisations. I am indeed heartened that companies are doing more to nurture their people. I hope more will adopt and adapt these best practices, so as to be at the forefront of human capital development.”

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